When choosing paint colors, many people consider how bright the room will be, such as if the color will be too dark for certain rooms, or if the color is too bold and dramatic to use in entire walls. What people rarely think about is what colors are best for certain rooms based on the psychology of color.

Colors make us feel differently—blue helps with productivity, red improves appetite, and so on. So why do we not pay attention to the purpose of the room we are painting and how to best improve that purpose? If you are one of the few who wanted to do some research before choosing a paint color, you have come to the right place! Learn the colors that are perfect for each room of your home! And then let us help you once more!

JC Toland Painting offers many painting services and we can give the rooms of your home the coat of paint they need to help improve their purpose. We even can add murals, textures, trompe l’oeil, and Venetian plaster to your home for an added touch of style and uniqueness.

In this blog we will go over the rooms of your home and what colors who be the most beneficial for those rooms.


A bedroom is meant to help you relax. This should be a calming place that allows you to feel at peace. To match this mood, you will want to pick a color that offers these benefits. Neutral colors are generally a good choice and allow for you to change decorations without having a mismatched look.

Green is also a great color for bedroom and is considered the color that is easiest on the eyes. The combination of yellow and blue helps to create a color that is bright and cheerful, as well as calming and natural. According to freshome, green is believed to help relieve stress and help people relax, making it the perfect choice for a bedroom.

Blue is also a great color for rooms. This color is believed to reduce blood pressure, respiration, and heartbeat, allowing you to truly relax. The calming color is best when lighter shades are used, darker blue can cause feeling of sadness. But the warm blue can be calming and help you relax in your bedroom. Light purples, such as lavender, are also good options for bedroom, helping to create a relaxing environment.

Pastels and muted colors are also a great option for bedrooms. They allow you to add some color to your walls without being too stimulating or overwhelming. As long as you use a muted or light shade of a color you can paint your home any color you desire, but neutrals and greens may be the best options, especially if you have trouble sleeping.


Kitchens are the heart of the home and should be painted cheerful colors. Bright natural colors are best for a kitchen and can create the create the sense of being grounded. Colors like yellow, gold, a light terra cotta, or any other bright and natural color is perfect for the kitchen.

Yellow can give you energy which is perfect for the kitchen. This room should be bright and energetic. Yellow is also said to increase metabolism, which is another positive when in the kitchen. But too much yellow could be a bad thing. Yellow can cause people to lose their temper and become irritated. So it you use yellow in the kitchen, make sure it is not too much.

Bright and cheerful colors are the best options for the kitchen, however try avoiding painting your kitchen red. Red encourages appetite, so painting your kitchen red could cause you to eat more than you originally planned on.

Dining Rooms

If you want your guests and yourself to eat a lot more, paint your dining room red! If you don’t want to eat more, stay away from this stimulating color. Earthy tones are great in a dining room. But you must also think about how you want to feel and have your guests feel while eating together. Do you want them to feel calm and relaxed? Or do you want them to feel more energized to keep the conversation alive?

For a calming and relaxing dining room, paint your walls sage green, a pastel color, or an earthy tone. These natural colors, like mentioned above, promote groundedness, which is good for digestion. However, if you want you guest to feel energized and keep the conversation alive go for the brighter colors found in nature—like yellows, greens, and oranges.

Living Room

Living rooms are similar to bedrooms. You want them to create a relaxing environment and allow for people to stay calm while spending time on the couch. Earth tones, neutral colors, muted colors, and warmer tones can help make your living room a great place to hang out after work. WebMD mentions that oranges, yellows, red, and brown are great colors for the living room as well. These warm tones can help to stimulate conversation and can help you feel more connected to people. So if you are hoping for your living room to become the ultimate hangout spot, paint it one of these warm colors.

Home Office

You don’t want to be tired in your office, work has to get done after all! Avoid colors that help you relax and make you feel sleepy. Bright colors can help you work hard all day long. The WebMD article mentions that green can help with concentration, and freshome says that blue helps with productivity. These colors also can create a calming environment, so be sure you choose a color that is more energizing than others!

While colors really can affect your mood and make you feel more energized or calm you down, this color thing may seem like bogus, but maybe it is the reason you are energized or calm in different rooms. If you are having trouble sleeping in your bright red room, try changing the color to see if it helps. However, at JC Toland Painting, we have painted different rooms all different colors and they all look great. If you want a deep sea blue living room, go for it. Your decorations, furniture choice, and lighting will probably create more of an effect than the blue walls. Be bold and choose colors that you love.

If you are looking to get your home painted, let us help! We can give your walls a fresh coat of paint, changing the look and feel of your room and maybe even changing the way it affects your mood. A fresh coat of paint, no matter the color, can add a refreshing and exciting touch to your home! Contact us today to learn more and get a free estimate!