If your business has lockers, restroom partitions, or any other metal equipment that has seen better days, don’t replace them. Electrostatic painting can rejuvenate them for you!

What is Electrostatic Painting?

Electrostatic painting takes advantage of basic science to deliver a performance paint finish to metallic items.  The items to be refinished are first washed to remove any dirt and grease, and then sanded. Masking is applied where necessary.

The electrostatic coating process applies a mild negative ground charge to the items being refinished. A special electrostatic spray gun then charges the refinishing material with a positive electrical charge. The material is attracted like a magnet to the item. This assures uniform application, with no over-spray or fog.  Cleanliness is always maintained. A light tack coat is applied first, followed by a full wet coat, which dries within 30 minutes.

Coatings are available in an array of colors. All materials are nontoxic.

What Can Be Electrostatically Refinished?

  •     Student Lockers
  •     Restroom Partitions
  •     Laboratory Equipment
  •     Chain Link Fencing
  •     Elevator Doors
  •     Grocery Cases
  •     Metal Workstation Components (panel frames, pedestals, task lights, binder bins, etc.)

If your company has metal equipment or parts that could use some sprucing up, electrostatic paint could be just what you need. Call now to schedule an appointment.