Paint has become more advanced over the years and JC Toland Painting is excited to offer new and unique paint styles that can transform your home, office, or classroom. Two new styles of painting we offer include dry erase board and magnetic painting! These paint types are multifunctional and are perfect for commercial and residential settings.

Dry Erase Board Paint

Dry erase board paint can transform a wall or a portion of a wall into a whiteboard, allowing you to write on them with dry erase markers and erase it with ease. Traditional whiteboards can be big and bulky, making dry erase paint the perfect alternative. When not being used, this paint can easily blend in if desired. When choosing whiteboard paint, you can select clear or white, making it easy to match the surroundings, adding a dry erase coat to other colors or resembling a typical whiteboard.

This paint type is a great choice for:

  • Classrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Children’s play room
  • Office space
  • Locker rooms

This dry erase paint is perfect to save space, can add unique design to a room, and can be beneficial in many different rooms.

Magnetic Paint

Magnetic paint allows you to use magnets on your walls. The paint, which is generally black, can transform any wall into a magnetic board. This is a unique type of paint that is easy to get creative with. Add it to doors, different areas of the kitchen, classrooms, offices, bedrooms, and any other space to easily display anything with magnets. This paint could make decorating a room with pictures easier, allow for recipes to be easily displayed while cooking, and create a simple way to hang important items you don’t want to forget.

This paint type is unique and can offer many different uses. Add it to any room in your home to business to add a touch of style and a functional surface.

These paint types are different and new in the world of paint. Add one of these to your space for added style and function! JC Toland can help transform your space into a multifunctional area. Contact us today to learn more and get a free estimate today!