Project Details

JC Toland Painting took on the Henkel commercial building project.

Interior Remodeling

We started an interior remodel at this historic building off Ingersoll near downtown Des Moines. We will be blasting the deck and beams to prep for painting and refinishing.

Sandblasting Steel Beams

In phase two we began the sandblasting & steel beam painting process down here off Ingersoll, working with Henkel Construction to restore this historic downtown building here in the heart of Des Moines.

Paint Blasting & Refinishing

In phase three we worked on blasting this entire building, clearing old paint off existing decking, brick, and beams. In this phase, we showcase some of the finish-coated beams as we prep the windows for painting.

Window Painting

in phase four, we revisit the downtown project we have going off Ingersoll in Des Moines. We protected windows and brought them back to life with a solid black topcoat!