Painting the interior of your home can be so much more than just paint. Paint can be used to add a unique style, look, and feel to any room in your home. It can be used as a centerpiece or to highlight a special piece of decor. It can help brighten a room or make it feel bigger. Paint is so much more than a color you put on the walls — it has the ability to transform a room.

There are many ways to use paint in a unique and creative way. At JC Toland Painting, we can help you get the look and style you want for the different rooms in your house. We can add unique designs, faux finishes, murals, textures, and so much more, helping your home get the look and feel you really want.

It all starts with an idea, and we can turn that into reality. In this blog, we are going to give you different ideas for making the paint in your home pop and become more than just paint. If you know you need to do something different in the rooms of your home, but are not sure what, read on! We will give you ideas for unique painting styles that could be just what you need.

Make a Room Bigger

There are some rooms that are just too small, whether they are a bedroom, an awkward dining room, or an office. It is hard to make these rooms feel bigger, especially as you add furniture and other decorations. But paint can help! If you want to create the illusion that your room is bigger than it is, paint it bright and light colors! If you don’t want a white ceiling, paint it a lighter version of the colors of your walls, this will make your room feel more spacious and larger.

Add Murals

Murals are great for adding a unique design to your home. Whether you add a mural to your dining room or to your kid’s room, a mural can give your space a completely different look. Add a mural of your child’s favorite cartoon character to their room. Another fun mural idea is to add a unique design to your ceiling. Add clouds or a sky theme, faux finishes, or other designs to give your ceiling a creative touch. A mural can help to give your room a main focus that guests will love.

Step Away From Solids

While painting your walls one solid color can be simple and beautiful, if you are looking for something different, stepping away from the simple and solid paint can do the trick. There are so many different designs and styles you can make when you step away from solid paint colors. Let’s take a little sneak peek!


Stripes are a fun and simple way to add a different look to your room. Add diagonal, horizontal, or vertical stripes to your room for a unique look. The stripes can give your room more depth and a different feel. You can also get crazy with stripes and add them in all different directions, crisscrossing and overlapping. This is a good look for a home with a more abstract feel. A different, simple, and gorgeous way to add stripes in your paint is to just do one giant stripe across the entire room, leaving the rest of the walls white. Make this stripe a few feet thick and a bold color.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is fun to do in your child’s bedroom or a playroom. Pick a bunch of different colors that are the same tints, tones, or shades so that they match and have the same look. For example, if you pick a pastel color, make sure all of the colors you choose are pastel. You don’t want bright colors mixed with dull colors. You can add white lining between the colors to give them a barrier. This is a fun way to add a ton of different colors to create a playful and creative space.

Bring Nature Indoors

If you are a nature enthusiast, make your paint show it. Use painter’s tape to create a mountain range on your walls, and paint from the tape down. You can even add layers with different colors of paint to give your room a layered mountain look. You could also add the silhouette of trees, whether you choose pine trees, palm trees, or trees that resemble the rainforest. This is a fun and unique way to give a room in your home a more natural and wild feel.

Faux Finishes

Faux finishes can add a completely different look and feel to your home. You can create many different styles with faux finishes to get the style you want for your home. Our professional painters at JC Toland Painting can provide you with high-quality decorative painting services, including faux finishes. If you are not sure which types of faux finishes we can do for you, be sure to contact us to find out! Faux finishes can be simple but still give your home a unique and decorative look.

Paint the Ceiling

If the ideas we have already provided to you seem like a little outrageous for your home (we get it, not everyone wants to add stripes to their walls) this is a simple idea that offers a different style. Painted ceilings are not regularly seen in homes, but it is one way to play with paint without going above and beyond on the unique level. Keep your walls a more neutral color, like beige, and add a bright and daring color on the ceiling. This is an eye-catching way to add to the look of a room while remaining subtle.

Play With Shapes

If you want something unique, creative, and fun to look at, adding shapes is a great way to do that! Paint your walls one color and use a different color to add a shape pattern to your walls. This could be a bunch of triangles, zig-zag lines, hexagons, or any other shape that you think would pull the room together. This is a different paint style that is super fun and playful.

Color Pops

For a super fun, creative, and completely different look, add pops of color throughout your home. Rather than paints the walls colors that stand out, paint areas of the home that you usually wouldn’t. Paint the doors different colors to make them stand out against the white or light colored walls. Paint the fireplace to give your living room a unique look. Add a different color to your banister and to your kitchen cabinets. Imagine a home will all white walls, but everything else is painted fun and bright colors. What a beautiful house that would be!

Have Fun

One thing you need to remember about paint is that you can always change it. You can use us for our paint removal services and paint your walls a new color or use a new style. Paint is never permanent, so have some fun with your next paint job and give your home and different look. You are a unique person, why not make your home unique as well? You add furniture and decorations that are your style, so why not paint the walls in your style as well? You don’t need to follow the same old solid wall colors as everyone else in your neighborhood. Have some fun with your paint colors and styles and try something different!

At JC Toland Painting, we can help you with any and all of your painting needs. Our interior painting services can include everything from murals to faux finishes and everything in between! Contact us to share your paint ideas and we can see how we can help your ideas become reality.