We are rapidly expanding as the top industrial painting company in the Midwest, serving numerous states including Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri and Oklahoma. This expansion is set to complement our existing foothold on top commercial painting projects in the region. With their expanded capabilities and range of equipment, we are scalable for any industrial blasting job, from pipes to bridges.

Key components of this expansion have revolved around two things: our people and our processes. We have made heavy investments in expanding both our line of equipment, from large rigs, to blasting pots and compressors, as well as our employee certifications to meet the demands of industrial clients with multiple rigs blasting simultaneously at sites throughout the Midwest. Our experience and training, not only in blasting surfaces, but protecting and restoring them with high-performance coatings, is second-to-none and we’ll complete each project on time.

We realize the importance of educating our staff to help them grow and help the company succeed. 21 employees recently attended an educational seminar on surface blasting and high-performance finishing services. With a qualified team that continues to expand on its knowledge and certifications, we look forward to the future and to providing our customers with unmatched commercial and industrial painting and blasting.

About JC Toland

JC Toland Painting serves multiple states across the Midwest, specializing in comprehensive commercial and industrial painting services. JC Toland has a scalable team of licensed and insured painting professionals to help you with all of your painting needs.

Contact JC Toland at 515-288-2402 or through their website at www.jctoland.com.