Color is something that we see everywhere. The sticky notes on your desk, the ugly patterned office carpet, the cars that we pass on our morning commute, the houses in our neighborhood, the trees planted in every yard, the sky, the clothes in our closet, the dishes on the table, the vegetables in our meals, and the paint on our walls—these are a very small list of the places we see color. Color surrounds us in our daily lives and is always present. Vivid and bright, these colors add brilliantly to our surroundings.

Colors have more of an effect on us than we may think. They can change our mood, help us be more productive, make us feel happier, the list goes on and on. But we don’t give much thought to color most of the time. We notice it of course, but we take it for granted. Many people may not notice the beautiful color of the walls in a restaurant, they may not notice when the sun is setting and spreading a ton of different colors across the sky, and they may not even notice the color of the trees when autumn hits.

While color surrounds us, it is also something we are very used to. But some people enjoy colors more than others, like artists, painters, fashion designers, and others like this. At JC Toland Painting, we love color and we love helping you transform your boring white walls into something that is bold, beautiful, and as colorful as every!

Even adding slight color can change the look and feel of your room completely. It can make the room feel bigger, brighter, and more lively. Or it can add a calming effect, it all depends on the color you choose.

Well, today we are not going to focus on a bunch of colors and which work best in your home, you can find that in a previous blog. Instead, we are going to talk about one color in particular. A color that Benjamin Moore® named as the 2018 Color of the Year. This color may not be what you were expecting. It is bold, bright, vivid, daring, and can be perfect for any and all spaces, you just need to know how to work it into your home.

The Color of the Year is Caliente AF-290.

Compared to Benjamin Moore’s previous color of the year, a deep and mysterious purple, this is a bright and exciting change! Caliente is a bright red that will certainly add a pop wherever it is applied. Not only was this Color of the Year drastically different from last year, but the color trends palette differs dramatically from 2017 to 2018.

The 2017 color trends palette saw a lot of deep blues, greens, grays, and purples. These colors seemed to shift more toward the natural feel with browns, golds, beiges, and creams being prominent in the mix. But that year is gone and 2018 came with a whole new list of colors.

The 2018 color trends palette seems to have a softer style. There are dark colors but many of them seem to have a calm and peaceful look. This palette seems to focus more on the deep reds and maroons, with lighter greens, grays, and browns. While both palettes have the naturalistic look to them, the 2018 are brighter and softer, while the 2017 palette is deeper and darker.

While we loved the old color palette with moody and dark colors, we can say we absolutely love this lighter and brighter palette as well!

But let’s go back to Caliente AF-290. This color bright red can make a dramatic statement in your home. But you know how to use it right. Luckily, JC Toland Painting can help! We know a thing or two about painting and we can help make sure you get the best quality paint job that will work with your home and your space. Keep reading for ideas on how to incorporate the daring color into your home!

The Living Room

While this color may be too much to paint your entire living room with, it certainly could add some color to a boring space. Make Caliente your accent wall color and paint the other walls a white, gray, or beige color. The most important of making sure this color works is to make sure your furniture and decorations match the colors on the walls. Find items that display both colors to tie them together. This will make the room work and help make the red wall not seem out of place. Red is also a warm color which can help to stimulate conversation.

Curb Appeal

Yes, we know that the burnt red door has become overrated and is no longer new, fresh, and exciting. But Caliente AF-290 isn’t burnt red. This is bright and vivid red. This red is the best fire truck red you can imagine. Adding this Color of the Year to your entrance can help add a pop of color to your entryway, brightening up you home from the outside and standing out from the rest of the burnt red door in your neighborhood. Make this red work by painting the rest of your exterior with a dark gray and white. The contrast will add to the color but help dilute the red just a bit. Check out our exterior painting services to get the best paint job for the outside of your home.

The Kitchen

In our blog linked above, about the best colors for the rooms in your home, we mention that painting your kitchen red is a bad idea because it encourages appetite. Ignore that now. Caliente in your kitchen could add some spice that you have been looking for. Adding this color with white appliances, furniture, and decor could give your kitchen a strong and clean look. Simple but daring.


While red may not be the best color for bedrooms, it sure can add style to your bedroom. Red walls with white trim, a white headboard, and white furniture can give your room a sophisticated and energetic feel. You can even make it a little less aggressive and paint one wall white or paint just your cozy little reading nook red and add pillows that draw it all together.

Caliente AF-290 is a color that will definitely stand out. This is not the type of color to get lost among all the other colors we see daily. This vivid red color is bold enough to demand people’s attention. This is why it is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year. Add this color to your home, stay caught up on the trends, and enjoy the colors surrounding you daily! JC Toland Painting can help. Check out our interior painting servicescontact us today, and get a free estimate.